Revolutionary War Soldiers of Wayne County


Following is a listing of Revolutionary Soldiers with connections to Wayne County. Most of these are known to be buried in Wayne County, some are not. Information on each of these men will be added as time permits. When information is available, a hyperlink will be created and you will be able to click on that individual and proceed to his page. If you have pertinent information which needs to be considered, please email it to the society.

                1. Hezekiah Adkins

                2. Valentine Bloss

           3. Charles Burt

           4. Thomas Chandler

           5. James Asher Crockett

           6. Adam Crum

           7. Jesse Cyrus

           8. Lazarus Damron

           9. Daniel Davis

           10. Samuel Ferguson

           11. Micajah Frasher

           12. Dr. Cory Henry Hampton

           13. Samuel Hatton, Sr.

           14. Josiah Marcum

           15. James Maynard

           16. John Stephenson

           17. Bennett Wellman

For Hezekiah Adkins we only have donations totaling $285.00, so we need an additional $465.00 in donations. Where are all of you Adkins descendants?  Please make your contribution to your Revolutionary War ancestor now. Donations in any amount will be very helpful.

We are now working on documentation for Adam Crum. If you have ANY information as to the burial place of Adam, please contact us.


If you have any additional information or questions concerning your Revolutionary War soldier, please contact this Society. Place of burial of some of these soldiers is in question or has conflicting information. If you have any family history of burials, please let us hear from you.

Make your checks payable to WCGHS and mail to WCGHS, P.O. Box 787, Wayne, WV  25570. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to honor your Revolutionary War Soldiers. Let's not disappoint them !!