Wayne County, West Virginia Cemetery Listings-Volume 5






The John Wellman Cemetery


Located At The Campus K-8 School Fort Gay WV

GPS   38 06'53.65n   82 35'32.46w




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Cemetery Book V Table Of Contents


Adkins Cemetery                      Located on Little Lynn Creek, near home of Larry Pratt.

Gordon Adkins Cemetery         Located at head of Raccoon Ck. off Beech Fork.   -   GPS   N 38deg 14min 05.6sec W 082deg 17min 14.5sec

Everett Adkins Cemetery                                                                                             GPS   N 38deg 13min 41.6sec W 082deg 17min 38.9sec

Akers Cemetery                         Located below Hensley Br. of Whites Ck., first house, turn right. - GPS  N 38° 17.738' W 082° 31.185'

Alley Cemetery                          Located on old Wade Alley farm on Centerville Rd.  -  GPS   N38 deg 14.972 min W082 deg 32.231 min

Alley-Miller Cemetery                Located on Whites Creek, right side.   -  GPS   N 38 deg 17.423 min W 082 deg 32.532 min

Booth-Staley Cemetery             Near mouth of Whites Ck. Also has adjoining Collins Cemetery.

Canterbury Cemetery                Located on Rices Branch, about 200 feet from intersection to Whites Ck.  - GPS     N 38º 17.813' W 082º 32.112'

Christian Cemetery                   Located near the mouth of Wolf Creek.

Mariah Clark Cemetery             Located across 12 Pole from East Lynn Post Office.

Cole Cemetery                          Located 2.8 miles South of VA Hospital on Spring Valley Drive.

Collinsworth Cemetery             Located above Hensley Br. of Whites Ck., right side, top of hill.

Cox Cemetery                            Located head of Billy’s Br., top of hill to the left.

Upper Cox Cemetery                 Located on Lycans Ridge, near Billy’s Branch.

Crockett Cemetery                     Located at the mouth of the middle fork of Wilsons Creek.

Cyrus Cemetery                         Located up Whites Ck on Darrell Wellman Farm.  -  GPS   N 38 ° 17.453" W 082° 32.564"

Abraham Cyrus Cemetery         Located above mouth of Whites Ck., right side of Tolsia Hwy.  - GPS   N 38° 17.862' W 082° 34.625'

Samuel Cyrus Cemetery            Located on RF of Wilsons Creek.

William Cyrus Cemetery            Located just south of mouth of Whites Ck. Rd., first Rd to left.

Davidson Cemetery                    Located at Nestlow, near junction of Four Mile & Beech Fork Rds.

Roscoe Davis Cemetery             Located on Napier Ridge.

Dickerson-Fortner Cemetery      Located near mouth of Newcomb Cr., home of Lauren Michaels.

Ferguson-Hatten Cemetery        Located near junction where Rt. 75 turns toward Tolsia Hwy.

Jasper Ferguson Cemetery        Located on the left fork of Big Lynn Creek.

Francis Cemetery                       Located on Montgomery Ridge Rd., head of Mill Creek Rd.

Lando Gilkerson Cemetery        Located on Beech Fk. Rd., just above mouth of Wolf Pen.   -  GPS   N 38 13 0  W 082 17 22

Hamilton Cemetery                     Located near junction of Mill Creek and Tolsia Hwy.

Hatfield Cemetery                      Located behind Peters Chapel, two miles south of Fort Gay.

Wiley Hatten Cemetery              Located off Big Sandy Rd., across from Novamont.

Hazlet Cemetery                         Located on Thacker Ridge Rd.   -   GPS   N 38° 17.326'   W 082° 33.764'

Hensley Cemetery                      Located below Hensley Br. of Whites Ck., first house, turn right.  - GPS   N 38° 17.563  W 082° 31.596'

Jones Cemetery                         Located at head of RF Little Lynn Ck., on left side of road.

Justice Cemetery                       Located on Lycans Ridge, end of Brush Creek Rd.

Kennedy Cemetery                                                     GPS:    N 38 deg 23 min 16.49 sec    W 82 deg 31 min 08.51 sec

King Cemetery                         Located on Little Lynn Ck.

Lucas Cemetery                       Located off Napier Ridge, left fork of Big Lynn Creek.

Luther-Bowen Cemetery          Located on Brumfield Ridge Rd.

Luther-Stephenson Cemetery  Located on Brumfield Ridge Rd.

Lycans Ridge Cemetery           Located on Lycans Ridge, near junction with Brush Creek.

McComas Cemetery                 Located one mile up Hurricane Cr., top of hill above church.

McKeand Cemetery                 Located near Walker Br. Rd., across from gas compressor station.

Guy Miller Cemetery                Located head of Simpkins Br. of Beech Fork Ck.  -  GPS    N 38 deg 14min 6.5sec    W. 082 deg 17 min 28sec

Moore Cemetery                      Located on Montgomery Ridge Rd., head off Mill Creek Rd.

John Napier Cemetery            Located on Napier Ridge, head of Big Lynn Cr.

Maryland Napier Cemetery     Located one mile past Edgar Napier Cemetery.

Robert Napier Cemetery         Located at East Lynn, past fire department.   -  GPS     N 38 10.60'   W 082 23.11'

Walter R. Osburn Cemetery    Located at East Lynn, across swinging bridge to left.

Unknown Perdue Cemetery   Located on RF of Rices Branch of Whites Ck.

Rev. Lewis Peters Cemetery  Located behind Peters Chapel, two miles south of Fort Gay.

Josiah Philpott Cemetery      Located on Sunnyside Rd., two miles south of Fort Gay.

Rice Cemetery                        Located on Montgomery Ridge Rd., head off Mill Creek Rd.

Shy-Gilkerson Cemetery        Located 1/4/miles below Centerville.  -   GPS    N 38° 16.620    W 082° 31.797'

Smith Cemetery                     Located at head of Rice’s Branch, off Whites Ck. Rd.

Harrison Smith Cemetery      Located up Whites Ck., past Damron Br. Rd., .1 mile, across creek  - GPS   N 38° 14.549'   W 082° 30.332'

John B. Smith Cemetery        Located on Rock Lick Branch of Whites Creek.   -  GPS   N 38° 16.351'    W 082° 32.929'

William J. Smith Cemetery     Located on Centerville Rd., across bridge, turn right on first road.  - GPS  N 38 deg. 15.622 min.  W  082   deg.          31.901min.

Wade Spence Cemetery         Located on Lycans Ridge, near junction with Billy’s Branch.

Walter Staley Cemetery         Located up Whites Ck. Turn right on Walter Staley Rd.  -  GPS   N 38° 17.672'   W 080° 32.548'

Stephens Cemetery               Located RF of Little Lynn Cr.

Stephens-Stevens Cemetery  Located in head of Right Fork of Wilsons Creek.  -  GPS    N 38º 12.502'     W 082º 22.852'

Stevens Cemetery                 Located below Hensley Br. of Whites Ck., first house, turn right. - GPS   N 38° 17.563   W 082° 31.596'

Stiltner Cemetery                  Located near junction of Napier Ridge & LF of Big Lynn Ck.

Strother Cemetery                 Located at top of hill at mouth of Big Hurricane Ck.

Stroud Cemetery                  Located at Wilsondale.

Thacker Ridge Cemetery     Located last house up Thacker Ridge Rd., top of ridge to left.  - GPS   N 38° 16.772'   W 082° 33.522' Elev. 984'

Wilkinson Cemetery             Located at Rolling Hills Subdivision, Dickson.

Wilkinson Cemetery            Located in Wayne, near Mike Ferguson home.   -  GPS     N38º 10.672’    W082° 15.904’

William Walker Cemetery    Located south of Wayne on old Twelve Pole Creek Rd.

Williamson Cemetery         Located off Two Mile Creek Rd.