Historical data - SAMUEL HATTON


The above Highway Marker for Samuel Hatton was erected in December, 2008 by the Department of Highways. It is located on Tolsia Highway, just before the exit to Prichard, WV.

A dedication program was presented at the Fort Gay Middle School on July 3, 2010. The event was organized by club member John Jarrett Peters, assisted by Heerbert Dawson and Howard Osburn.

See Slide Show of Dedication.

SAMUEL HATTON - Born 1759 in England and died 10 Sept 1839 in Cabell Co., VA (now Wayne Co., WV) He married 1773 in Loudoun Co., VA to Rosanna Queen born in Loudoun Co. VA and died ca 1800. Samuel Hatton resided in Loudoun Co., VA acting in the capacity of Soldier, 3rd VA Reg’t. Served in Army of VA. March 1, 1777 to Sept 6, 1780. Fought for independence under Washington and was present at the surrender of Cornwallis at Yorktown. He was awarded 100 acres of land for his three years of service and selected the Big Sandy River area located at Round Bottom (Prichard, WV) Land Grant #1604 & 1627. Also served with the 9th Co. Capt. John Ashby, Fauquier Co. VA (Sources BLW #3627, “Va Taxpayers 1782-87" by Fothergill, p. 56. “VA Rev. War Records; by Brumbaugh, 1936, p. 346. “West Virginia Heritage Enclycopedia” Wayne Co., by Jim Comstock, Richwood, WV 1874, p. 177, “John Queen of Loudoun Co., VA and Descendants” by Paul E. Dyer, p. 24).

John Queen Of Loudoun County, Virginia (CA 1720-1802/05) And Descendants by Paul E. Dyer

Page 24 “Samuel Hatton was born in England in 1749 and died in 1839. He is buried in the Hatton Cemetery of Wayne County, about one mile south of Prichard, West Virginia. He was reported to have been 16 years of age when he immigrated to America and went to Washington’s plantation in Loudoun County, Virginia where he met and married Rosanna Queen. He served in the American Revolution and was awarded 100 acres of land for his three years of duty. He selected the Big Sandy River area and reached Wayne County (early Cabell) sometime between 1800 and 1820.”