Historical data - Valentine Bloss


Contributed by Dick Bloss

Valentine served in the Revolutionary War in 1776, from Augusta Co., Virginia. In 1777 he entered service from Augusta again, and was present when Cornstalk and his son Nipsco were killed. He served as a private under Captains John Hopkins and William Noll, VA regiment commanded by Col. Smith, Col. Dickerson, and General Hand.  He also served under a Captain Arbuckle at Pt. Pleasant.  Valentine once again entered service in 1778 from Rockingham County (which was formed from Augusta County in 1778).  His declaration of pension was made in Cabell County, Virginia. He received a pension (VA State Lib--67-731 Leg. Petition, Cabell County, January 7, 1830). VA #23370#S-9102.  He received $26.66 per annum under the Act of 1832.  Pension letter by E. Bloss, son. 

Valentine inherited half the family farm but sold it to his brother,  John Adam Bloss in June, 1790, moving west to the present area of Huntington, West Virginia. 

Valentine left Rockingham County and was included on the 1806 Tax List of Kanawha County, Virginia (today Wayne Co., WVA).  In 1810 Valentine appeared on the Tax List of Cabell County (Cabell formed from Kanawha in 1809).  In 1808 Valentine and his wife settled near the falls of Twelve Pole in Wayne County. 

His last will & testament: 

November the 26th 1850:

In the name of Almighty God; Amen.

I, Valentine Bloss of the County of Wayne and State of Virginia being in common health of body and possessing soundness of mind and being of disposing memory do hereby make and ordain this my last will and testament in the following words & figures on the 20th day of March one thousand eight hundred and forty six.  I have also previous to the date of this will given to my daughter Sarah, Benjamin Garret wife fifty dollars worth of property I have all ready previous to the date of this will to my daughter Margret, Christopher Keezer wife fifty dollars worth of property.  I have also previous to the date of this will to my son Isaac Bloss fifty dollars worth of property I have also previous to the date of this will given to my son Hiram Bloss fifty   worth of property.  (not complete) 

Wayne County News

February 5, 1920



The story of the few descendants of a prominent Wayne County family has been received by this paper this week which is a counter report to the story of Mrs. Eliza Ann Clark, of Lick Creek, which was published in our issue of January 22nd. It will be recalled that Mrs. Clark had a total of 469 descendants, 381 of whom were living at the time of her death a few weeks ago. Mrs. Clark probably had more direct descendants than any other person in this county. 

In contrast with this long lineage is the history of the Bloss family who have been life long residents of this county, living in the Lavalette neighborhood.  Ezekiel S. Bloss and his wife Martha Ann Morris Bloss were born on lower Twelve Pole in this county a little more than one hundred years ago. They were married on December 13, 1838. To the union were born nine children, five of whom died young. The late E. S. Bloss, one of the descendants, was for many years Circuit Clerk in this county. 

The four living members of this family are John L. Bloss of Huntington, age 69, who has one son Harry C. Bloss; E. M. Bloss, of Dickson, this county, age 67, who has one daughter, Mrs. Addie Turner of Dickson; H. M. Bloss, of Huntington, age 63, who has two daughters, Mrs. Pearl Ferguson and Mrs. Jennie Dempsey, both of Huntington; and V. A. Bloss, of Dickson, age 57. There are eight great grandchildren, making in all a total of only sixteen living descendants of this old family, which is said to be the smallest family of the county, considering its age. These sixteen descendants, taken in contrast with the 381 members of the family of Mrs. Clark, indicate what is believed to be the largest and smallest families in the county. 

Valentine inherited half the family farm but sold it to John Adam in June1790 and moved west to the area of present Huntington WV. He was in the Revolution and received a pension (VA S tate Lib -- 67-731 Leg. Petition,Cabell Cnty, 7 Jan 1830). VA#23370 #S-9102   He enlisted in Augusta Cnty,VA and served eight months as a private under Capt John Hopkins and CaptWilliam Noll, Va regiment commanded by Col Smith and Col Dickerson,General Hand. 

Also under Capt Arbuckle at Pt Pleasant. Pension Letter E. Bloss, son.Affidavits General Elisha McComas and John Samuels. 

Where Valentine died was VA in 1850.  It became WV just before the Civil War.